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The Wolf and the Seven Little Goats The Princess and the Pea The Bremen Town Musicians The Adventures of Colin and Clarissa Mother Holle (Mother Hulda) Baby Seal Sammy's Journey All the Colors in the World

iPhone Mom about the MCB - The Bird with the Rainbow Tale

I was very impressed with the illustrations found in The Bird the Rainbow Tail. The look and feel of this app reminds me of the type of books I used to receive from my Great-Grandmother at Christmas. Well crafted, elegant, thoughtful stories. Click here to read on.

Phil Weston, EAL Teacher, by email:

After reading The Bird With The Rainbow Tail, I thought I would write to say how much I thoroughly enjoyed the book - for lots of reasons! Firstly, the gentle story of a bird who brings colour and life to a drab world is a wonderful sentiment that really captures the imagination of children in a modern world that seems devoid of simplicity and innocence, and the sublime illustrations are beautifully detailed and a joy to look at.

Secondly, as a teacher of pupils who speak English as an additional language, the concept of mobile children's books inspired me to consider the many possibilities provided by the ability for others to record the narrative as the illustrations and delightful soundtrack play alongside the story. This feature adds an exciting new dimension to EAL teaching and opens up a wide range of enhanced opportunities for pupil development as digital technologies become commonplace within the classroom. An excellent concept and a delightful book that I would highly recommend to parents and teachers alike!

Featured App by Apple Inc. in the US, Candian, Swizz, Italien... App Store:

Apple has featured our MCB The Princess and the Pea in the "New and Noteworthy" section of the US and Canadian App Store. We are very proud that Apple emphasizes the quality and innovative character of the Mobile Children's Books in this way!

featured app in app store

iPhone Mom

I also like the fact that you can lock the toolbar so children can't stop the story once it’s begun. The other thing that I appreciated about this app was being able to look at the screens as a group so I could then tap on the screen where I wanted to begin. I always like having the option to not begin at the beginning all over again. Click here to read on.

iPhone Footprint

Baby Seal Sammy’s Journey is an interesting story, has wonderful illustrations and is easy to use. On the whole, it is a great app for kids, and hopefully we should be having more of such works from Kirsten Hofkens – Mobile Applications. Click here to read on.

Edeltraud Smolka, M. A. (Germanistik), by email:

Congratulations on this wonderful project! The mobile children's books feature diversified, colorful illustrations drawn with lots of love and the recordings are appealing. It is a fabulous and terrific library of modern fairy-tales and stories in different languages. This combination of entertainment and culture will inspire the hearts and ears of children and adults alike.

Children need fairy-tales and children's stories to develop their language capabilities, fire their imagination and act out their creativity. The possibility to record the text with a familiar voice creates an atmosphere of security and comfort.

Nowadays you cannot imagine a world without digital technologies anymore. Children are familiarized with computers, internet, iPhone and iPod from a very young age. Presenting printed books in an electronic format will irresistible capture the children's rooms. The new medium offers treasures that fascinate toddlers and children, because they can independently and playfully discover the world of electronics and literature.

Gerd Edler, Moderator at saxon radio, by email:

I downloaded the picture book app The Princess and the Pea from you. My son is in the first school year and the program is ideal for him. So he can finally read something on the iPhone as well ;-). Also my younger son (2 years) likes it a lot, mostly just listening to it.

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