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Kirstin Hofkens

Kirstin Hofkens

Proprietor and Publisher of MCB Mobile Children's Books

Kirstin Hofkens currently lives in the beautiful village of Waiblingen-Beinstein in Germany with her husband Roeland Hofkens and their three year old daughter Iduna Lola Hofkens. After spending nearly ten years in business development for international corporations, Kirstin, inspired by her family’s love of reading and traveling, launched Kirstin Hofkens - Mobile Applications in August of 2009.

Kirstin and Roeland met during a long trip through Thailand. They continued to travel and explore the world after Iduna was born. It was during one of their journeys that the first idea of a mobile application was born – a baby monitor with unlimited range called BabyPhone Deluxe available for the iPhone and Android mobiles. The perfect solutions for modern day parents who need more mobility than conventional baby monitors allow. BabyPhone Deluxe makes it possible to monitor babies from unrestricted distances without having to worry about bringing along yet another device.

The BabyPhone Deluxe evolved and grew as Iduna grew. Iduna became fascinated with books and could never get enough of them. Until now no one could manage to read enough stories to her to satisfy her appetite. While preparing for the next family trip, Kirstin looked for children's books on the internet to download as PDFs to avoid carrying a suitcase full of heavy books. She found very little to choose from. So Kirstin and her husband decided to bring quality children's books to the iPhone and MCB Mobile Children’s Books was born. The new generation of children’s book - for mobile parents all around the world.

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