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Mother Holle (Mother Hulda)

Author: by Brothers Grimm
Ages: 4-8 years
  Illustrations: CinnamonTeal
Languages: English, German and Russian

Mother Holle is the poignant story of a rich widow with two daughters. A favored and spoiled biological daughter and a stepdaughter who is made to do all the work. Providence steps in as the kind and hardworking stepdaughter enters the wonderful, magical world of Mother Holle. In the tradition of Cinderella, this touching tale from the Brothers Grimm proves once again that kindness and diligence will be rewarded while arrogance and laziness will be admonished.

Updated language and imaginative, colorful illustrations make this MCB fairy tale truly an indispensable fairy tale for children of all ages.

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by Brothers Grimm

Kirstin Hofkens

Rainer Obrowski

Dale Wilde, Diane Hall

Birgit Schmid

Michael Kroki, Irina Hobbensiefken

Dale Wilde

Melanie Weirather (female voice)

Rainer Obrowski (male voice)

Victor Hagin

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