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All the Colors in the World

Author: Teresa M. Brennan
Ages: 4-8 years
  Illustrations: Ranjit Balmuchu
Languages: English and German

Tara Marie flies across the sky in her dream, and with the help of a grandfather-like friend, meets colors as they come to life and personify feelings. She meets happy, laughing orange pumpkins. She meets smiling yellow flowers and a lucky red ladybug. She learns that white is soft and fluffy and black isn’t really scary at all. Tara Marie is a very polite little girl and the overall tone of the book is gracious and kind.

Teresa Brennan spent five years as an elementary art school teacher and taught over 800 children aged five to fourteen. In each grade, she started the school year by teaching the "five elements of art" – color, line, texture, shape and space. She tried to instill in the children a sense of the power and beauty of these simple elements: how red conveys something different than blue; how a vertical line seems more active than a horizontal line. It is important to Teresa Brennan to open the childrens' eyes to the visual clues found not only in art but in life as well. Look out for the next MCB story book in the series on the five elements of art by Teresa Brennan. This series is both - attention-grabbing and enlightening for children.

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